pfsense vpn

  • with pfsense what is the best VPN solution for this network architecture, site to site or client to site ?
    Diagramme réseau générique.png

  • @adoini

    Why do I think this is a homework question?

  • All users are remote access to server areas ( for this I want to create a VPN network between them which is the best choice site To site or client To site

  • @adoini

    Typically one end is the "server"and the other end is the "client". Given that the tunnel is symmetrical, it doesn't really matter what you call the ends. The difference is in the routing, so just make the remote sites clients and configure accordingly, with the default route pointing to the server. You'll also need routes back from the server to the clients.

  • Give the diagram provided, I see 8 home users connected to modems that need to connect to servers behind Router 1.

    For this, you would configure a remote access solution (client to site)

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