Correlate abuse with use?

  • I'm somewhat new to pfBlocker and I have been looking at the logs and stats almost daily since I set it up. There is a lot of great information, and it is scary to see how much reporting our devices are trying to do these days (sad times for users and privacy for sure).

    What I find hard to do though, is correlate use on a computer with what is being blocked. I see the history of what happened, but I don't know what webpage was being accessed, or what software was running, when things were being blocked.

    I understand most websites will have ads and trigger blocks, but what I'm more concerned about is when I see thousands of blocked IP attempts over a short period of time. Clearly someone in my house (four users typical) was visiting a very abusive website, but I have no good way to know what the offending website was.

    Is there some way to get a real-time notification from pfBlocker when something happens that is over a threshold for a given amount of time? If I can get a somewhat real-time alert, then at least I might have a chance to go see what could be causing the abuse. Educating my family (and myself) about what websites/software we are using that are potentially harmful is important to me.


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