Client VPN Routing Problem

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to track down a routing issue with our client (TUN) vpn. I'm constantly seeing a problem where after a client establishes a connection I can see both the session and the OpenVPN route on the OpenVPN status screen, however this route is not present in the pfSense system routing table. I'm also seeing some cases that after a client disconnects and the session is destroyed that the route for that IP persists in the system routing table.

    I've done some quick skims through the firewall and open VPN logs but nothing immediate stands out and I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing anything like this.

  • The Client VPN network is and here is a live example of what i'm seeing. Notice the connected client was issued which is not present in the system routing table, however there is no client currently connected with and that IP is in fact present.

    --OpenVPN Status--
    OpenVPN Status.PNG

    --System Routing Table--

  • Also just raised my OpenVPN logging level to 4 and im seeing messages being logged stating:

    ERROR: FreeBSD route add command failed: external program exited with error status: 1

  • Can anybody help?

  • Hello,

    Over the past few days i've been doing a lot of research trying to remediate this issue and it seems there are a dozen or more threads for this same issue, is anybody from the development team investigating this?

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