HAproxy on pfsense, HAproxy in front of traefik

  • My goals:

    • pfsense with HAproxy between WAN and LAN/DMZ/VLANs.
    • that HAproxy does SSL-termination for some hosts behind
    • additionally there should be traefik on a docker server and that traefik should pull its own ACME certs from outside
    • all that behind a single WAN-IP

    I already tried my luck with some CNAMEs in DNS and ACLs in the HAproxy-setup, no luck so far.

    Does anyone have something like this up and running?

    ps: additional issue: I let HAproxy pull the cert for pfsense itself via that luafile Method (https://forum.netgate.com/topic/90643/let-s-encypt-support/32). So there is an ACL already matching that "./well-known" path ... I put it last already without success. maybe that is part of my problems, I will try to disable that for debugging.

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