DNSBL Report Stopped Logging

  • pfBlockerNG stopped making report log entries for DNSBL on Jan 19, 2020.

    Is there anything I can do? I noticed that BBCAN's MS2 list was not downloading, so I disabled it, but that did not correct the issue.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Got the DNSBL report to start logging again my reinstalling the pfBlockerNG package.

  • Mine stopped working too. i reinstalled the package 5 times already, and nothing. It's also very interesting that it stopped working the same day you mentioned (Jan 19, 2020). please help.

  • @antoni777

    Check all your feeds to see if there are any that are giving you errors. I had to remove BBCAN's MS2 list because it was giving me downloading errors.

  • @mifronte

    Good afternoon,

    Thanks for trying to help me with this issue. I checked all download feeds and everything seems to be working. I had a registered maxmind feed and turned it off too. Pretty much I had turned everything off and deleted the files per another forum. I even bought a new device, installed everything and I got the same problem. Which makes me think is something in the feeds. One strange thing I found is that the firewall rules are gone too. This is really strange to me. I rechecked every setting 5 times already and forced reload, started and stopped the resolver. I recognize that I’m fairly new to this firewall software, but I really don’t find what can be causing the issue, as I have even restored the system using my previous config files. Sorry I’m a little frustrated. why is it doing the same with the other system and is a brand new installation. I also have a Free malware patrol subscription and turned it off. I’m I hacked?

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