ExpressVPN (OpenVPN) not working on pfSense 2.5.0a devel

  • Hello everybody,
    I'm new on this forum.
    I've been using ExpressVPN for years on my pfSense router QOTOM-Q355G4 (pfSense V. 2.4.3 / 2.4.4 / 2.4.5) and now on 2.5.0a devel version after upgrading.
    Just a few days before updating from 2.4.5, ExpressVPN stopped working : the link is UP (in OpenVPN status client instances) but when connecting to internet from any equipment (pc via cable or WiFi or mobile via Wifi), the ExpressVPN HTTP URL used for IP testing ( always shows the ISP server address : ExpressVPN is never routing packets anymore.
    Has someone the same issue since a few days ?
    Thanks for your answers.

  • Nobody working with ExpressVPN on pfSense router ?

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