Cant get any mail coming to my mail server

  • I have a mail server behind pf sense on the LAN side, and a adsl modem on the wan side of pf sense the problem i am having is sending mail from inside the LAN to gmail or msn etc goes through but if i reply the mail never arrives to the client inside the lan, its almost like the firewall is holding back all the mails i tried forwarding the ports but ill readily accept any info  ??? >:( :'(

    This is my current setup

    WAN (adsl modem) –--  pfsense  --- LAN 1 = workstations and servers

  • You need to ensure that port 25/TCP is forwarded from the outer device with the WAN IP through to the server.  You need to ensure that the MX for your domain points to that WAN IP.

    Does your pfSense host have the WAN IP, or does your modem?

  • There are also some ISPs blocking inbound #25 (in addition to outbound#25 which is more common, as an "anti-malware/spam" measure).

    One way of checking that could be to have a FW not dropping packets but responding with closed ports (or temporarily have a larger port range all go to some active and functioning port, like #80 or something) and then doing a port scan from the outside, either via netcat from a *NIX shell or from some service like

    If port 25 turns out "shielded" something is blocking the packets before they enter your IP.


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