Alert/Warning Questions / Cannot Bind To Socket

  • Hello Everyone,

    I have two pfSense servers for failover/load balancing.
    On my one server, I have been able to get my 2019AppService1 frontend to start, but on this other instance of pfSense I cannot get it to start.

    "[ALERT] 030/084434 (58050) : Starting frontend 2019AppService1: cannot bind socket []"

    This is a brand new IP address that we have not used for anything yet.

    I also have a second question about warnings/alerts.
    "parsing [/var/etc/haproxy_test/haproxy.cfg:1505] : 'use-server' expects a server name."

    Do I just go to the folder and open haproxy.cfg and go to line 1505 to see where this error is occurring or is there some sort of log I should be looking at to figure out what is going on with these warnings?
    We updated pfSense back in October and this is the first time I have been in HAProxy and I am seeing a bunch of warnings that are not related to what I have been trying to set up, but items that were set up years ago.

    Thank you!

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