• I got total mess with two of my pfsense installations after the latest update.
    Both endpoints have enabled future to keep existing setup but latest update ignore it completely.
    Please be more responsible when you upload update to your platform.
    Testing updates before release it is a good idea!
    Very disappointed and a lot of work behind me to fix.

    BBcan177 - focus more on quality from tune up interface which is already good

  • Your missing a bit of information here. What version of pfSense are you trying to update? Release or snapshots?

    Update from which version?

    Testing updates before release it is a good idea!

    Releases are fully tested before release. Thats what snapshots help to do. Snapshots should never be run on a system you are using for primetime.

    BBcan177 -

    Curious why you would call him out on a thread such as this..

    Are you following the readily available guides for updates to your system?

  • FWIW, I just powered up my 2.5-dev VM and updated to
    2.5.0-DEVELOPMENT (amd64)
    built on Fri Feb 07 20:07:31 EST 2020.
    On reboot I saw that pfBlockerNG-devel upgraded itself automagically from 2.2.5_28 to _29. All my settings were kept, but is that expected behavior?

  • It sounds as if the OP didn't make a backup (unprofessional)...then pointing fingers at others. I run the 2.5-dev in home-office production mode; however, I always have a backup and ready to roll in less than fifteen minutes.

  • @ZIMNYSBRAIN @NollipfSense No reason not to have Automatic Configuration Backup enabled. But still curious why pfB updated on its own...?