pfBlockerNG / SquidGuard conflict?

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  • (Sorry, if this is a duplicate question. I did not find a pertinent entry via search. If so, please refer me to any helpful previous entr. Thanks!)

    I am running 2.4.4 with pfBlockerNG (with current MaxMind license), Squid and Squidguard.

    Whenever SquidGuard is running, the GeoIP Block lists of pfBlockerNG are ignored ant the whole world is accessible to my clients...

    I had been running 2.3.x with pfBlockerNG but without SquidGuard for a long time. DNS and GeoIP used to work flawlessly and with awesome stability.

    Puzzled and grateful for any help.

  • @nopro The only conflict I am aware of regarding pfBlockerNG and Squid is when Squid's transparent proxy is enabled.

  • @NollipfSense
    Actually, this is precisely my current setup, Squid running in transparent mode, as there are clients in my subnets to whose local proxy settings I have no access.

    So, this is a known issue/ incompatability? I would appreciate a short explanation or a pointer to a previous discussion of this topic. Thx.

  • @nopro You'll need to search as I remembered reading last year...maybe they use the same system resources since the function/feature they provide is similar so when one is using the resource the other is stranded.

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