Is this possible?

  • Hi guys
    I'm new to the forum and new to the pfsense too..
    i am using for several years in my home IPcop router os but now i have a situation in network where IPcop
    doesn't fit well…
    I just want to know if it is possible to do this with pfsense, and how easy or hard would it be..
    i have two separate networks, one has internet connection the other doesnt... i am thinking to install pfsense on 2 PC's that will act as routers for each of the network and connect them with wireless link...
    so the 2nd network could easily access the internet from the 1st network...
    how well will that function? how easy would that be to do? is it possible to connect 2 pfsense routers without AP, just with using 2 wlan cards directly?
    i will use canyon wf511 card which I see they are supported...

    and btw, how stable is pfsense? will he be able to support 10-20 computers?

    thanks guys


  • Yes, it's possible.  I'm sure if you search you'll find older discussions on this.

    Yes, it's stable (assuming you're not running a beta or alpha, where YMMV).  Again, if you search you'll find many threads on how far people have taken things.

    Yes, it'll support 20 computers if you get your hardware right.

  • okay, thanks a lot for the answer :)

  • In reply to your PM (which is probably the least appropriate use of a PM I've ever seen), you should use words that seem relevant (for instance, "stable" or "scale").  You may have to do multiple searches to find relevant threads, trying different words.

    You should keep the use of PMs for things that shouldn't be posted in the forum.  Asking simple questions can certainly be done in the forum, that's what it's for.

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