OpenVPN Cannot Browse LAN

  • I have an OpenVPN server running on pfsense and a WIN10 client on OpenVPN that can connect fine, but cannot browse the local lan. I can ping the pfsense box, but not the server behind it. Just as an aside, I get this same behavior when connecting from a Linux box.

    (SSL/TLS + User Auth
    Local database
    UDP on IPv4 Only
    Layer 3 Tunnel Mode

    IPv4 Tunnell Network
    DNS Server Enable

    push "route"

    I used the wizard to setup and checked the box for automatic firewall rules.

  • @topcitytech

    That browsing relies on broadcasts to the local LAN. Like all other broadcasts, they don't pass through routers, so you won't see them, without something like Active Directory. However, you should be able to reach them by IP address or host name.

  • @JKnott Thanks. I used the ip addy and user authentication.

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