Which version of 1.2.3 stable enough for basic production enviroment?

  • I really need IPSEC dead peer detection as my tunnel goes down 4-5 times a day requiring me to login and manual delete the SA for the tunnel.  I am using an ALix box with embedded 1.2.2 Release.  I am not using any fancy features.  No packages of course. No DHCP.  Just IPSEC VPN for Lan to Lan and PPTP for clients.  Which version would be the best to upgrade to for this type of situation?


  • Maybe you should specified how large scale of your production is? 1 or more net/subnet etc …

    Im running pfSense at home thats 1 production environment. Is very stable here. I use it mainly for the great firewall, dhcp server, wireless accesspoint.

    • 2 xbox
    • 1 Wii console (wireless)
    • 1 wired PC
    • 1 Wireless laptop
    • 1 Wireless USB printer server

    Wow, i didn relize how many clients i have on my net. LOL   ;D

  • There are others which have reported similar IPsec stability issues even on 1.2.3 RC1, so I would hold your hopes up too high that it will be better:

    IPSec Tunnel dies but shows as up still

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