Need help in taking pfSense for test drive in VirtualBox

  • I have good reasons to believe my computer is infected with viruses, and these perpetrators also seem to be on my network at various times. So I was thinking of putting a pfSense firewall on my network. I got an old Core 2 Duo for pfSense system. I'm in the process of buying other parts.

    Before I set it up on a dedicated system, I wanted to take pfSense for a test drive in VirtualBox, I downloaded the latest pfSense from it's website. I created a virtual machine with two network cards, one in bridged mode connected to my host's WiFi adapter(WAN), and another in host-only mode(VirtualBox LAN). The pfSense machine is able to get IP's from my main network and VB's LAN network but I'm unable to access web interface of pfSense from my host.

    Other virtual machine is able to access pfSense's web interface when their networks are set to host-only mode. But they are not getting internet access.

    What am I doing wrong? How can I correct this?

    On my network how many NICs would I need? Motherboard will have 1 Ethernet port, I'm planning on adding another NIC with 1 port. Will this be sufficient for my needs? Will 1 pfSense system be able to hand two WANs? How many NIC's would I need. My motherboard only has 1 1x PCI slot, if I buy a 2 port NIC, will it be sufficient to connect two WANs?

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