No Access to Internet for VPN Clients after switch to PPPOE ISP

  • Hey everyone,

    I feel like an idiot and I'm spinning my wheel here... I hope you can help.
    I've been running an OpenVPN server on my pfsense box for a while now - everything worked fine on my previous ISP.

    • I have ensured the Outbound NAT rules are set up properly
      • WAN int -> src net {VPN subnet} -> dst ANY -> WAN address
      • For every LAN outbound NAT rule, I have an identical for VPN subnet
    • I have enabled the ovpns() interface
    • There are two OpenVPN Firewall rule tabs
      • On the auto-generated 'OpenVPN' tab -> No rules set (When I try any -> any the VPN completely breaks)
      • On the VPN enabled interface tab, I have allow any -> any (just for while I'm trying to get things fixed)

    I think something really weird is going on with the interfaces. There's something that I don't quite understand happening with my Default Gateways. Before I start fiddling around with everthing the Default Gateway was WAN_PPPOE dynamic NOW WAN is comepletely gone and I have this:


    Internet connection still works just the name changed....
    odd, right?

    So the ISSUE is that I cannot access the internet when I'm connected to the VPN. I have complete access to LAN, none to the internet.

    After many hours of wheel turning I decided to REINSTALL THE SERVER All to no avail - same problem

    Heres some other screenshots to show what I mentioned above:
    The VPN subnet is

    Outbound NAT Rules



    Interface Assignments

    OpenVPN Rules

    Enabled LAN int Rules

    LAN Rules

  • So, I lied. I can actually ONLY access the LAN interface while connected to VPN. So, this is going from to

    To clarify, I cannot contact anything else

    Can anyone help?

  • So, no one knows whats going on?

  • You need to isolate whether its a DNS issue or other issue.

    Can you ping IP addresses from the VPN? ie... ping, etc.... if that works its probably a DNS issues, if not then it's some other issue.

    Can you give more information on the OpenVPN... is it a server or client? When you say connecting to the VPN... what exactly do you mean... from external into your pfSense box? or from the LAN to a VPN provider?


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