Reporting on sites visited

  • I have a pre-teen in the house who uses the internet for mostly school work. But, now there are times when the internet is now used on the weekend and I'd like to better understand where he/she is visiting (exact sites) and if need be even block some of the places. Is there a report that I can pull to see the sites? Also, is there a document or link for better managing and if need get something like this setup.


  • LAYER 8

    you can use pfblockerng-devel to block stuff you don't want to be viewed like porn/warez , there are alot of category where you only have to enable, it work with unbound so you must be sure that every pc use dns from 'dns resolver' of pfsense.
    also there is squid that you can configure as a transparent proxy +lightsquid that create a report about visited websites. everything is available under system / Package manager / available package

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