NAT Rule breaks after setting up OpenVPN server

  • I have an OpenVPN client setup for PIA VPN with a NAT setup for port forwarding. I used the instructions located at :

    This works great on its own.

    However I am now trying to setup an OpenVPN server on my pfsense box for connecting to my network remotely. I am using the wizard to do so. As soon as I create the server and complete the wizard the port forwarding I have setup breaks. Any idea why this would occur?

    I figured out the rule created by the wizard that breaks it :

    The firewall rule that allows any to any on the OpenVPN interface breaks my forwarding. If this is disabled then the forwarding works again.

  • Finally figured it out. It put the any/any autocreated rule in the OpenVPN category under firewall rules. I had to add a new interface assignment for the OpenVPN server and move the rule to be bound to that interface specifically in order for policy based routing to work correctly.

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