Too shy to mention, but do it anyway (gui footer BSD version picture)

  • After been staring at the webgui for quite sometme and suddenly it hit me. Is it possibe adding bsd version nr to the footer or somewhare else suitable on what build of BSD is pfSense build on. I asked myself whats the point? I came up with "easy first impression" notice. Um, look at my picture edited. I hope i make sense trying to explain why?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Adding it in an image would likely not happen, as those are all part of the individual themes.

    That said, it might be possible to display it somewhere in the GUI. I suppose it could be part of the System Information widget on the Dashboard. (Technically I know it's possible, I'm just not sure that it is desirable to do so)

    Many people probably don't know or care what version of FreeBSD that it is based on, and it's rather easy to run "uname -mrs" or consult a chart.

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