Making pfSense vm work with vSphere Distributed Switch

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    My homelab is as depicted above. Three ESXi hosts each with Intel x540-T2 dual 10Gb Nic cards attached to a Netgear XS712Tv2 10Gb smart managed pro switch. One host has pfSense firewall with WAN 1GB NIC to ISP and LAN being that host's x540-T2.
    In migrating from vSphere Standard Switch to Distributed Switch, I've been unable to figure out how to configure the pfSense host to work on the Distributed Switch. Each migration attempt, all Internet connectivity is lost; forced to revert back to Standard Switch configuration on the pfSense host.

    Currently stuck in limbo with the other two ESXi hosts successfully using the Distributed Switch and the pfSense host still with all ports on vSphere Standard Switch.

    Tried adding only the x540-T2 from the pfSense host to the Distributed Switch but that lost internet connectivity as well.

    Unable to find anywhere that discusses what to do with the WAN port when migrating to a vSphere Distributed Switch.

  • @TravelersWill Well, that's rather embarrassing: REBOOT!

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