WebGUI locks up

  • For some reason the web GUI on my Netgate XG-2758 is regularly non-responsive. The host that I am accessing the GUI from is wired directly to the LAN interface on the pfSense. The only way that I can correct this state is by restarting PHP-FRM from the console. Does anyone know why this is happening?

  • I have seen the webgui lag, not lock-up, when there is no active WAN connection. Like, the cable is unplugged, or it hasn't established a valid working connection yet.


  • I think that you are right about it lagging versus locked-up. It seems to respond eventually.

    I should mention that my My XG-2758 is behind another firewall. Connections would be like this:
    SonicWall-LAN ------> WAN-XG-2758.

    I was wondering if a flacky WAN connection justifies the pfSense webGUI lagging?

  • @rb_it_pf said in WebGUI locks up:

    I was wondering

    You don't need to.
    You have a upstream firewall : monitor (= wireshark) it's LAN port that connects to pfSense.
    Log into the pfSense GUIand see what happens going on / what it is doing.

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Check Disable the Dashboard auto-update check in System > Update > Update Settings
    and see what happens.


  • @rb_it_pf If DNS (WAN) is not working that can cause delays while the OS waits for DNS requests to time out. I wouldn't think restarting PHP-FPM would affect that however.

  • I disabled the Dashboard auto-update check.

    The host that I am using to access the webGUI uses the pfSense as the DNS resolver. Upstream from that the pfSense is on a domain with a DNS role.

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