geoip floating rules not being generated?

  • Using pfblog-ng-devel 2.2.5_29, no floating rules are being generated for geoip. I have a valid maxmind api key setup and it did download the ip lists, on a force reload.


    2020-02-20 21.11.32 b2b24de468de.png

    2020-02-20 21.11.09 ff75df21fab2.png

    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks.

  • From your FW rule, it looks like there is no Firewall 'Auto' Rule Suffix' in the description.

    Your Firewall 'Auto' Rule Suffix is set to "AR" and that doesn't show in the Description of the FW Rule.

    I guess you changed that setting it at some point. Did you disable pfblockerNG when you changed the settings ?

    Select 'Auto Rule' description suffix for auto defined rules. pfBlockerNG must be disabled to modify suffix.

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