multiple vpn server at the same time and netflex on appel TV

  • hi i want to try setting up a vpn connection
    i use northvpn
    wan = isp to

    vpn1 = eg local ip to

    vpn2 = to 192.168..255

    vpn3 = to

    usually run that out on vpn1
    so dhcp assigns for example to
    and fixed ip assignment. mac address for fixed allocation
    so for example nas get a fixed ip

    appeal tv run on vpn2 eg netflex mm
    how do you make it work best

    my laptop must run both vpn1 and vpn 3
    i switch ip when i want to switch to vpn 3

    pfsense run wan so i have isp ip address on pfsens web interface

    the dhcp section I have solved
    I've had vpn set up from the north before but the fact that having more connections and making netflex seem teasing then assumes I have to make a night and firewall and an openvpn connection but where to put it up I know not the last time i could have shut down weapons get a wan ip even though i was running on the weapons connection

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