PfSense OpenVPN performance on NordVPN

  • Hi all,
    I have the PfSense running is ESXI as a VM. 3 I5-7500 cores and 2Gb of memory dedicated to it.
    I use it for nothing except as a VPN appliance / firewall. There's 5 VPN pipes connected to different NordVPN servers. The are all bunched into a GateWay Group with 2 being tier 1, 2 being tier 2 and one tier 3. Four of the pipes are TCP type and one is UDP type.
    Last time I've tested the speed on this setup was last July (2019) and each of the pipes was close to 100Mb speed wise.
    Due to having some intermittent issues with Charter lately I've been doing some troubleshooting and noticed that the NordVPN pipes top at about 12Mb for the TCP an about 20Mb for the UDP.
    I tried working this through with NordVPN support but they keep telling me this is not a server side issue and it is due to the PfSense.
    The ESXI machine is running Intel NICs that are passed through to PfSense as "PCI Passthrough" directly.
    I looked at the load logs on the VM and the ESXI itself, they rarely if ever exceed 10% CPU utilization. ESXI is only running a rarely used OpenMediaVault and this PfSense VM.
    Quote from NordVPN customer Service "Zack: Well, I can guarantee, that there is nothing wrong with our servers, as many people are getting over 100Mbps on their devices, and usually, no one ever gets up to 100Mbps on pfSense."

    I have tested the PfSense speed on LAN with no encryption and it tops at almost 1Gb.

    Is anyone having this kind of issues with OpenVPN or NordVPN connections?

    Any suggestions regarding setting up a way to test the OpenVPN performance of my VN PfSense without connecting it to NordVPN? Maybe like set up a OpenVPN server on the PfSense and connect to it from the internet?

  • Funny enough, although I was repeatedly told that the speed issue is not a server side issue and the agent refused to put in a ticket to investigate that, the speed is back to almost "normal" this morning, at least on the UDP tunnels. Both of the UDP connections test above 80Mb; unfortunately all 3 TCP connections are still in the low 10Mb range.
    Previously the difference between TCP and UDP tunnels used to be 10-15%, now it's almost an order of magnitude.

  • i've tried various vpn providers. MOST get your regular ISP speeds

    Nord was a provider i tried twice and NEVER got 25% of my actual ISP speeds. i ran from them quickly

    if your wanting to torrent much better options out there based overseas

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