Captive Portal session

  • We are using the Captive Portal for internet access, after 1-2 hour users unable to access the internet then I have to clear the login session from pfsense & unable to see the logout option on login page.
    Please suggest us how to resolve this?

  • @vikasrnalage said in Captive Portal session:

    Please suggest us how to resolve this?

    You mean : connected users show up as connected in the pfSense portal status windows; but can't connect (see pfSense portal debug) because they are thrown of the ipfw firewall ?

    Simple solution : do not edit captive portal settings while users are connected.
    If you have to do so, empty out the status windows = remove all users.

    There is no and never was a logout option on the login page.

    The logout page exists, but as most if not every browser rejects popup page it's not very useful.

  • I have pfsense 2.4.4 and i am trying to upgrade / install packages from Package Manager but its not working
    Please let me know How can i fix it?

  • How is this captive portal related ?
    The captive portal is not a package, it's build in natively.

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