trouble with multiple VLANs on TP-Link sg108E easy smart switch; Ubiquiti UAP-AC-Pro and Pfsense

  • I do not know if this is the right place for this question. So here is goes........
    My Pfsense box is configured on LAN with: (these are not actual IP's)
    primary network for dept A staff in building
    VLAN10 ( for dept B staff in building
    VLAN20 ( for Dept A Guests
    VLAN30 ( for Dept B Guests
    PfSense has all firewall rules set correctly for access to web

    I have 8 port sg108E TP-Link switch configured:

    port 1 = uplink to Pfsense (VLAN1) untagged
    port 2 = VLAN1 untagged (native for primary net)
    port 3 = VLAN1 untagged (native for primary net)
    port 4 = VLAN1 untagged (native for primary net)

    port 1 = uplink to Pfsense (VLAN1) tagged
    port 5 = VLAN10 tagged (has unifi AP)
    port 6 = VLAN10 untagged
    port 7 = VLAN10 untagged
    port 8 = VLAN10 untagged

    Unifi AP has 4 wireless networks:
    dept a staff no VLAN
    dept b staff VLAN10
    dept a guest VLAN20
    dept b guest VLAN30

    The AP works fine for dept a staff (no vlan)
    dept b staff (vlan10)

    But, I cannot get connection for the two guest VLANS

    What am I missing?

    Thanks for any hints

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You don't show that you are also tagging VLANs 20 and 30 on ports 1 and 5.

  • @detox

    If I'm reading your description right, you've got only VLAN 10 going to the AP. You need a trunk port that carries all VLANs. Also, I don't see how you could get staff to work on the AP, as you don't seem to have a connection for the native LAN to the AP.

    BTW, some TP-Link switches have problems with VLANs and I believe the fault may allow the native LAN to get through where it's not supposed to. This may be how the staff LAN is getting through.

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