Advice how to handle a vpn and a p2p tunnel?

  • Hi.

    I have a situation that would like to get some advice, I have a VPN between 2 Pfsense boxes running 2 WAN's on each side, I create a LoadBalance VPN and is working.

    Behind site-1 I have 3 VLANS and the other site-2 1 LAN, is working, my user from site-1 can access the servers in site-2, good.

    Now the company send me a p2p tunnel to add to my current infrastructure, they put a router in site-1 and other in site-2, my doubt is.

    If I have already a tunnel with openvpn between both sides, how can I add the new p2p connection if both(vpn and p2p) have the same function, connect site-1 and site-2?

    In the picture each router for the p2p tunnel have a local IP and they have the same routes I create inside openvpn to talk to each side.

    I'm a little confuse how to use that new connection in my network and have 2 paths(openvpn and p2p) to the same network.

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