dynamic dns blocked locally, works remote - help please?

  • Probably the worst worded title in history, but i don't even know how to ask the question.

    I use a reverse proxy and dynamic dns to access some services internally in my network without exposing more than the reverse proxy. I have the ports forwarded correctly (80 and 443) to the correct IP inside my network. I know it works because I can access everything I want from my phone, connected to mobile network coming in. However, from computers inside my LAN I cannot access the same way. Is there a trick to having dynamic dns address that resolves to the WAN IP address be accessible from within my network?

    Another example is that plex is fully accessible from outside the network, and connects directly from outside, but from within the LAN (accessing app.plex.tv/desktop) shows as indirect (relay) connection. When accessing the IP directly, it shows fine.

    Does that even make sense???


  • You can't access stuff on your local network using your public IP address. The firewall will not allow the connection. I have setup a local DNS server on my network and when I'm home the DNS server returns the local IP address instead of the public one.

  • Oh! .... I'm brand new at pfsense (like yesterday new) - coming from years of ASUS/Merlin where it worked perfectly. ... I just assumed it would work here also. I'll look into a local DNS server more tomorrow, thank you!

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