Pfsense on kvm failed to forward traffic from lan to wan wifi interface

  • I setup pfsense as main router firewall which forward traffic to internet using wifi, So traffic is supposed to go through that wifi interfaces. I have one installed on virtualbox that works good using that scenario. And now i want to move to a new machine with kvm as VM, but failed on the first try. Theres no problem with the lan side which is using ethernet card and bridge.

    I try to use Nat which directly connect to wifi device or connect to any phisical network device, non is success.

    So my question is how we can setup pfsense on kvm to work with WiFi as client? Could anyone here give me direction?

  • Hi,

    The WiFi NIC is recognised by pfSense ?
    If you reverse the interface setup, LAN = Wifi NIC and WAN = physical NIC, do you have a WAN (Internet) connection when testing using the console access ?

  • @Gertjan I want to use kvm, and in kvm i can not connect it through bridge or Nat. If we can work in AP mode using the wifi card i will consider to install it without virtualization. Yes i have wan, i use wifi as wan is mainly because this wifi card is odd when working as AP.

    Thank you.

  • The 'emulation' of drivers proposed by the KWM can be a possible issue.
    Test bare-bone first.
    Easy to test : just take out the hard disk of your device, put in a new one, install pfSense on it and you'll have your answer.

  • @Gertjan Ok i will try that way.