BGP route being advertised

  • Hello,

    I notice I'm advertising routes that I don't want to. Status-->FRR-->BGP Routes from one of my routers is showing:

    *> ip.vpn.ip.nei.bor 0 0 <NeighborAS1> ?
    *> ip.vpn.nei.bo.or 0 <NeighborAS1> <NeighborAS2> ?

    How can I prevent these routes from being advertised or accepted?

    If I manually restart the FRR BGP service on a router, it's default route gets replaced with a remote gateway, and internet access goes down.

    I've tried setting the acceptfilter option to ignore these routes but it has no effect.


  • One of my routers is set to
    Services-->FRR-->BGP-->BGP-->BGP Network Distribution-->Redistribute:

    Connected Networks: Yes
    FRR static routes: Yes
    Kernel routable/static routes: Yes
    OSPF routes: Yes

    My other routers are set to:

    Connected Networks: Yes, 
    FRR static routes: No
    Kernel routable/static routes: No
    OSPF routes: No

  • Use Prefix Lists

    Services>FRR>BGP>Edit>Neighbors >> Peer Filtering>Prefix List Filter

    For example:

    neighbor prefix-list test out

    Prefix Lists

    ip prefix-list test seq 9 deny
    ip prefix-list test seq 10 permit
    ip prefix-list test description

  • This post is deleted!

  • OK, would I have to set prefix lists for every neighbor, incoming or outgoing?

    Is there way to have a prefix list apply to all neighbors?

  • you need to apply it by neighbor.

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