Help - Unable to reach host on the LAN using FQDN

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    @Derelict Could you please share the details of the port forward? I am trying to replicate a similar HAproxy setup but I am failing miserably.

    I can reach the host via WAN, but on the LAN side I am unable to open the website.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have Split DNS configured so outside requests get the WAN address and inside requests get the localhost VIP

    I created a localhost VIP on

    That is what I bind to as the listen address in the HAproxy frontend.

    Connections on WAN to WAN_IP:443 get forwarded to
    Connections on WAN to WAN_IP:80 get forwarded to

    Connections from the inside to "just work"

    The backend servers are in a DMZ.

  • OK. My fault, I should have been clearer. I had managed to connect to both WAN and LAN IP with a similar setup as yours.. but then I noticed that I could not get to non HTTP/HTTPS ports while on the LAN (cause I had to point the DNS record to the VIP).


    LAN IP:

    To have such setup working I must create a Host Override like so:

    Because is pointing to this happens:
    From WAN: HTTP/HTTPS to is working fine though HAproxy - SSH not exposed (by design)
    From LAN: HTTP/HTTPS to is working fine through HAproxy - SSH to will not work cause of the host override....

    I know, I could:

    a) SSH into
    b) create a host override for

    but.... I want to find a a solution where I can forward SSH on the LAN to the hostname (

    Do you think there is an elegant solution to this?

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    I connect to the backend servers directly.

    I refuse to rely on NAT reflection or crap like that on my network.

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