Separate IPTV from WAN

  • Hi,

    My ISP sends internet+IPTV in one cable. THe internet comes untagged and IPTV comes with VLAN tag 845 from ISP.

    I dont want to use their bullshit router so I got help from some dude a while ago to separate it in my unifi switch. So then I had WAN Incoming on port 1 and that port separated internet and IPTV. IPTV was sent only to the IPTV devices and internet was sent directly to pfsense WAN-IN port.

    Now Im not sure if this is a really good solution because I have to be careful on my unifi switches so I dont put profile "ALL" anywhere as this will also contain the internet WAN directly.. Im not sure how all this works as Im a newbie..

    Now Im looking for a better solution. What I would like to do is:
    Connect my ISP WAN cable directly to Pfsense WAN port. And separate it there some way so all traffic leaving on pfsense LAN port is only my internal LAN + IPTV tagged on 845.

    Is this possible?
    If so please let me know how :)

    Oh and if it matthers.. I have my pfsense virtualised on a ESXi server.

  • i ran into something slightly similar with usg (before moving to pfsense) -

    the ISP had given us one of those combo units, and the TV worked through MoCA (not sure if this is what you mean by IPTV)
    was entirely not compatible with USG (at that time).

    got a dedicated modem, no wifi, usg was still gateway after that for a while (until i started wanting more funtionality that unifi just does not offer)

    to my point, our cable tv would not work after switching to modem only. we ended up having to replace the cable boxes as they entirely relied on MoCA (edit additional - new modem did not have MoCA)

    im guessing you want to add vlan tags to pfsense interfaces to get it to pass-thru in a sense?

    my knowledge on VLAN specifically isn't that high up, but from what I understand, you'd likely want that vlan tagged to be allowed on wan, and also on the port supplying connecting facing your unifi?

    i feel like i missing something, but hope this helps

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