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  • Looking for a step by step for an open vpn site to site setup. Found several docs on the web but some had all traffic going from site A to site B others had same IP range issues. I have two pfSense boxes, each have 1 LAN & 1 WAN at their respective sites. I want each site to be able to hit the web like normal and a VPN to the other site. Can I do this with only 1 WAN on each side? If anyone knows of any links or vids I would appreciate it.

  • What you try to achieve is the common purpose of a site to site VPN, connecting two sites so that each site is able to access devices on the respective remote site.
    There may be thousands of tutorials describing how to do that in the web.

    Just set up a server and a client according to the tutorials and set the route by entering the respective remote LAN network into the "IPv4 Remote Network/s" box on each site.
    Add a firewall rule to the incoming interface allowing the traffic you want. For instance, to allow traffic from site B LAN to site A LAN, you need one matching pass rule on the LAN interface of pfSense B and another one on the OpenVPN interface on A, because on both the packets are coming in.

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