Upload poor - suspect Duplex but no option to change on WAN

  • I cannot set speed - duplex on my WAN interface.

    Netgate sg-5100 - 2.4.4
    No installed packages just ACME.

    Upload does not come above 4mbps, we have 100. Download is perfect. Is there a way to set it via console? No option in GUI present I am afraid.


  • @tpit

    First off, try a computer directly connected to the modem. How is download with it? These days, just about everything is auto config. and you shouldn't have to config speed or duplex, unless you know the other end is not auto config. Also, with that device, you can tell if the connection is full or half duplex, by looking at the LEDs. If the right LED is solid green, you have a 100 Mb connection, flashing amber, 1 Gb. Also, try another cable. A defective cable can interfere with auto config.

  • @JKnott

    Thanks for the reply J!

    I should have elaborated a bit on what I have done. Connections with pc or other modem/router to the same port work perfectly. Streaming a constant 97 mbps up & down... From the moment we use the netgate 5100, upload is poor. Even though we have at least 7 netgates in the same routing setup on almost identical fiber connections. :(

    That being said. Is there no way to set duplex and speed with this model on the wan port? ixb0 that is... What I am seeing has all the signs of duplexing mismatch.

  • @tpit

    What does the LED on that SG-5100 show?

  • @JKnott Knew that question would come eventually ;). Its a remote site. Next time I am there I will be sure to check up on that again. I might be able to ask the maintenance guy who knows me now. See if he can take a meaning full picture.

    But when I was on site I checked it and cross referenced the manual. I believe it said to be 100-half... SHould be full... unless I misinterpreted the led status.

  • @tpit

    100 half? That sounds like a cable problem. If you can ssh to it, see what ifconfig shows. Here's my WAN interface:
    media: Ethernet autoselect (1000baseT <full-duplex,master>)

    That's what it should look like.

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