World of Warcraft with Higher than normal latency

  • Before the RTFM Trolls come through, let's get some background.

    1> I've run untangle on this same hardware
    2> I run pfsense 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 and 2.0
    3> I am not running any traffic shaping of any sort, nor do I wish to.
    4> I will not jack my computer directly to my cable modem, other people use this connection and that's not fair.

    Ok, here's the deal.  When I run Untangle on this same exact hardware, I get 60-90ms latency.  When I load any version of PFSense, I'm getting 190-280ms.  This is to the same server on WoW.  I've tried other servers in different data centers and it's the same result.  In untangle, my Internet is super quick but pfsense has some lag to it.  I've read some of the posts before, but I see nothing tangible that I can use to get in there and correct this.  My idea though is a switch or something is on by default.  Keep in mind there is nothing running on this pfsense box and pretty much default settings.

    What can I check now, is there somethign I need to toggle in the config or shell into to try or, is there a log or something that i can produce that will tell me why my WoW traffic is being choked.  I have also set up a manual outbound NAT and set up for Static Port to Yes, but still getting high pings.  I know this is not the fault of my hardware, my computer or my connection cause I can boot into untangle and my latency issues go away.  I don't wish to run Untangle, but if I can't find a solution to this, I might have to go back to it.

  • Actually, after adding the static port to the manual outbound nat, it seems it's helping…  now it's down to 110-130ms...
    But now it's jacked back up to 180ms

  • It sounds to me like a best nic driver implementation wins the contest (freebsd vs linux) so things I would try.

    1. Change nic (intel is best)
    2. Traceroute from pfSense webgui ( always nice to know )
    3. Try with m0n0wall ( different filtering )
    4. Read other threads about WoW (I'm not a troll :))

  • 1> Both are intel nic's  (IBM Workstation)
    2> Tracerouting wouldn't make much of a difference in this situ as the problem is software based
    3> m0n0wall, i can try but at this point, i'd rather cut my losses and just stick with untangle.
    4> I spent too long looking at other posts my head is spinning.

    Yea, I went back to Untangle… now i'm back to 60ms +/-.

  • Bump.  I'd really like to go back to using PFSense but this latency issue is boggling my mind.  Is there anything in the config that will help with latency issues or do I need to put in the traffic shaper and give WoW higher priority?

  • So i am to guess that no one else has this problem and this is normal behavior?  >:(

    So my question is, why am I getting a 60-80ms latency using Untangle and then 160-240ms latency using pfSense.  All i'm looking for here is a bump in the right direction.. Is there something that i'm missing.  Does anyone else play WoW through pfSense and are having these same issues?  Keep in mind when I install untangle or pfSense, it is on the same hardware.

  • @Perry:

    It sounds to me like a best nic driver implementation wins the contest (freebsd vs linux) so things I would try.

    1. Change nic (intel is best)

    Even though you have Intel, try another NIC. Maybe another manufacturer. Since it is the same hardware, then it could be a software issue as (I don't know for sure) possibly Untangle uses linux as a base but PFSense uses FreeBSD.

  • Ya, I was thinking the same thing, I'm prolly gonna grab 2 Intel NICs and then i'll post my results here after I test it out and such, maybe this will help others having the same problem…

  • My pf box is a dell optiplex with 3x broadcom gigabit links.
    My WoW latency is NEVER above 23ms on Frostwolf.
    Running current 1.2.3RC3

    Do you have Device polling enabled?

  • Would device polling be a detriment here?

    I wonder because Im in the exact same situation as the OP.

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