Simulate local ddos dos attack

  • Hi, I want to ask how I can simulate a local Ddos attack

    I want to do the ice: ip is what I'm going to do the dos/ddos attack on (this will be the internet protocol that will launch the attack)

    ip which will be affected by the attack will be

    my question - is it possible to do such a simulation?

    i will be grateful to someone if he can explain even in a personal message how to simulate something like that.


  • LAYER 8

    just out of curiosity, what are you going to achieve by saturating your own internal network ? in the worst case scenario you will just make your network unreachable and there is almost nothing you can do to mitigate, only stop ddossing yourself 😂
    but , and this depend on what kind of ddos you want to use, there are various tools to simulate a ddos attack and learn to defend yourself with suricata and snort for example -> application layer attack -> layer 3 and 4 attack
    other tools like hping, can make syn flood

    the major problem you will encounter if you do it at home is machine power ...

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