Unknown "OpenVPN" interface tab in my Firewall rules

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    It has been going for awhile but now I decided to ask. This "OpenVPN" tab automatically appeared after I created my first OpenVPN client tunnel to a VPN provider. Two WAN_xxxx gateway interfaces in same row are assigned to two instances of OpenVPN client, ovpnc1 and ovpnc2 respectively. The recently created REMOTE_xxxxx interface is the private tunnel interface of OpenVPN server, ovpns1.

    Everything is working normally, and i'm not using that "OpenVPN" interface in anywhere in the config. Do I need to do anything with that?

    Also, I don't have any rules in two OpenVPN client interfaces (WAN_xxxxx in picture) because I believe everything coming into my network via those two interfaces are blocked by default, am I right?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That is a tab created when the firewall as any OpenVPN clients or servers defined. It's an interface group tab for firewall rules which apply to all OpenVPN interfaces.

    If you have assigned your OpenVPN instance(s) and use rules on the per-interface tabs then you won't need to do anything with the OpenVPN tab.

    Some people don't assign the OpenVPN clients or servers as interfaces and just manage rules on the OpenVPN tab.

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