Find IP Address being blocked in feeds

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am seeing that the canonical update server IP's are being blocked by pfblocker:

    Mar 9 08:16:25,1770005485,igb1.10,HOME_VLAN,block,4,6,TCP-S,,,42558,80,out,GB,pfB_Top_v4,,pfB_Top_v4,,Unknown,null,+
    Mar 9 08:16:25,1770005485,igb1.10,HOME_VLAN,block,4,6,TCP-S,,,59058,80,out,US,pfB_Top_v4,,pfB_Top_v4,,Unknown,null,+

    pfB_Top_v4 is an alias but I cannot find the IP subnet in the source feeds. In the meantime to get things I have created an IP white list allowing that subnet 91.189.80/20

    Any ideas on how to hunt down that IP in pfblockerng?

  • Spent more time reviewing the changes I made. If I am not mistaken the pfB_Top_v4 alias is made by enabling GeoIP blocking (any of the lists there). In my case I enabled Top Spammers list and with action 'deny outbound'.

    After disabling 'GeoIP Top Spammers' the ubuntu updates began working.

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