Captive portal redirect pointless on Android system browser

  • Everything works great!
    But what are folk doing with the redirect page?
    If you connect to a captive portal network the Android captive portal software opens and loads the login page.
    Once you log in it redirects to the page you set or the page that was requested.

    Yet within a split second the screen slides back to the wifi scan (list of networks) page. If you use a normal browser it redirects as expected.

    So the result is the guest will not see the redirect page and we can't provide instructions or marketing!

    Does Apple do the same? I guess there is no way around this?

  • @guntery said in Captive portal redirect pointless on Android system browser:

    Does Apple do the same?

    Now way. 'They' have the portal thing working well for many years now.
    As does Microsoft with it's "Windows" OS's.

    When you set up this :


    then after a successfully identification the visitor is ones more redirect to that URL.
    Or, by default, to the URL which the browser initially wanted to load.

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