Some rules dont apply to some clients?

  • Hello folks;

    First of all the problem is somehow different, I mean really different. I am going to tell it in a timeline so it should be clearly understandable.

    • Squid, squidguard, installed and turned on, captive portal off. Only 80 443 and messenger ports are open, everything is fine here.
    • There are static pc's which belongs to us, and other computers which belongs to customers. So in order to do it in a clear way, we add our pc's to the static pool of DHPC, turned on Captive Portal, and added their Mac's to the pass through list. Still seems to be fine.
    • Our pc's needed to access webcam's in msn, so we added these ports to, and also WOW ports and WC3 ports added, still seems to be fine.
    • First problem occured. Our pc's are able to use all the rules that are defined at any time, but the dynamic clients are only able to use the first 3 rules (80 443 msn) defined.

    Now I'm getting confused here. Is this happening because of static pool of DHCP? or because of Captive Portal?

    Please someone, I need an urgent advice…

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  • This wont motivate anyone to help you.
    I suggest you read this:
    How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

    You could start motivating people by drawing a diagram what you have where.
    Then provide infos how you test.

    Also what do you mean with "the dynamic clients are not able to use the rules" ?
    Do you get blocks in the firewall log?

  • First of all I do apologize for my bad English.

    And secondly, I mean "the clients which has dynamic ip, assigned by DHCP".

    And thirdly, we had a power failure yesterday, and our pfSense box has restarted, and guess what? The problem no more exists…

    It is strange that, I have already restarted all the services but not rebooted the machine. Because we have a very high traffic on our network, so rebooting was not an avalible option for me to do, and I never thought I need to do a reboot, cause I restarted the services couple of times...

    Anyway, thats my experience I would like to share with the community...
    And I believe that information grows by sharing, and I dont need to be motivated to share my experiences or knowledge with someone...

    If I do have ANY tiny bit of info about ANYthing, I throw it on the desk, just to lighten up an idea...

    Thanks for your advices anyway, I will be careful indeed with asking questions.

    Hope that this experience helps someone.

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