Force some hosts through OpenVPN

  • Hi.

    I have two similar installations at home and at my office.

    I have set up two OpenVPN clients on pfSense 2.4.4-p3, and I want my LAN clients to go to some hosts through VPN1, some other hosts through VPN2 and all others through WAN. It works OK, but even (I think that) I have the same setup, my home and office installations work differently.

    I have defined some aliases and static routes, I have gathered the aliases in two aliases (HOSTS1 & HOSTS2) and in static routes I have set HOSTS1 through VPN1 and HOSTS2 through VPN2. This is enough for my office installation.

    In my home installation, pfSense seems to ignore the static routes when it has to route client requests, but traceroute inside the box (from Diagnostics) works as expected. In order to route correctly the clients, I have to create two firewall rules in LAN interface, and force HOSTS1 through gateway VPN1 and HOSTS2 through VPN2. After that, requests are routed as expected.

    In both cases, the routing table (on pfSense) shows routes as expected, default route through WAN and HOSTS1 through VPN1, HOSTS2 through VPN2.

    Could you tell me what mightbe different in these two installations, and my home installation needs the firewall rule?

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