Accessing OPT1 network

  • I have used OpenVPN on my home pfSense router with success where it only has WAN and LAN interfaces enabled using NAT, but having some problem trying to setup on a work router to access the network assigned to the OPT1 interface and looking for some guidance. Here are the LAN and OPT1 interfaces:

    Tunnel Network:

    Note neither of these have a gateway assigned. I have each connected to their network switches and I can ping devices on both networks from pfSense using Diagnostics -> Ping. I want OpenVPN clients to only see the network and have set this network as the IPv4 Local network in the OpenVPN settings. However, when connected I am not able to access anything on that network. Would there be other rule(s) or routing needed to set in addition to those set by the wizard I used to set up OpenVPN?

    The OPT1 interface network is not being used in any NAT configuration, but the LAN interface is with many port forwards set up under NAT with all working. I was getting some UDP errors in the client log until I added a rule under OPT1 allowing any IPv4 protocol from any source port to any destination port, now no errors. I am not getting any related entries in the Firewall log and all I see in the OpenVPN log is the successful connection.

    It just seems I am missing some routing or other rules. I apologize for not giving more details, I'm not sure what all I should provide. Thanks for any guideance.

  • Okay, I believe all is working now. When you write things out as I did in this post, you realize what you're missing. I needed the gateway on my OPT1 interface to the router we have. Now, I can see all.

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