i need help for this on zanata

  • LAYER 8

    if i try to translate this:

    Example (MSAD): memberOf=CN=Groupname,OU=MyGroups,DC=example,DC=com<br>Example (2307): |(&(objectClass=posixGroup)(cn=Groupname)(memberUid=))(&(objectClass=posixGroup)(cn=anotherGroup)(memberUid=))


    Resource ID: 97379dab8c0a927aaf8cae9d068620a4
    Message Context: No content
    Reference: src/usr/local/www/system_authservers.php:676
    Flags: No content
    Source Comment: No content 
    Warning: 1, Errors: 0
        Invalid XML entity [ &(objectClass=posixGroup)(cn=Groupname)(memberUid=*))(&(objectClass=posixGroup)(cn=anotherGroup)(memberUid=*)) ]

    what do i have to do to prevent the warning ?

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