cannot this error when accessing web interface over the internet getting "outdated or unsafe TLS security"

  • hello and thanks for helping a newbie.

    when i try to access the web gui over the internet, i get these errors.

    from firefox i get "PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR"
    from internet explorer i get "outdated or unsafe TLS security"

    i am able to access the webui on the lan, no problem.

    i only get these errors when i try to access the webui over the internet.

    please help a newbie.
    thanks much,

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Odds are, you are not hitting pfSense when you receive those errors. You might be hitting something upstream (like your cable modem/CPE/etc). The GUI doesn't care if you are coming from the inside or the outside. But you really should not be opening up your GUI to the Internet anyhow.

  • at my office, we have a watchguard router.
    i just tried to access and got the same error.

    my plan was to remote into my pfsense via gui, which is in my home lab,
    and setup the vpn and test the vpn from my office.

  • thanks much for the advice,

    i figured out how to setup the openvpn.

    the wizard was pretty good.
    took me a while to figure out the the wizard does not create a user in the local user database.

    i have an account with
    they have several books on pfsense.

    i like my sg1100,

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