virtual pfsense inside LAN

  • I started with an esxi(6.7) vm installed with two virutal nic's on the same vswitch/physical nic
    one for LAN , one for WAN with a goal of using it inside the network simply to enhance scheduling options.
    on the subnet if .1 is my router and i put .12 for LAN interface and .254 for WAN interface with a .1 gateway - all works except upload speed is almost non-existent. on a 25mbps upload, this set sees 0.1mbps
    i've already read the other posts about slow upload and checked duplex and speed and all checked out. from physical connection to the VM and vswitch - wondering if this is a justifiable breakdown with mysetup or if i "should" theoretically be able to use it this way and something else is going on.
    I have a seperate DHCP server that i set .12 as the gateway for clients. I tried the disable offloading option that was mentioned in other threads as well. i then tried a USB NIC on the VM to provide a seperate LAN and WAN physical interface, but that yeilded the same results.
    My thught process here is really , without NATing, or extra steps, i'm just trying add a routing/scheduling layer inside my LAN to take some burden off my physical router which doesn't do a great job of keeping up and maintining wan speed when I have 30+ clients online. I also tried adjusting router LAN to and leaving seperate DHCP server and gateway for pfsense on 192.168.10 but that didn't work either...though now that i'm typing this i might have neeed a .10 static route for that to the .12 lan gateway...just not sure if this is even worth pursuing (should it work if setup properly) and how should i start.

    VM was setup with 2GB and 4 cores i7 3.5ghz (host is an intel NUC i7)
    host os was setup and open vm tools were instaled
    tried both E1000 and VMXNet virtual interfaces
    already mentioend tried single physical nic and speperate physical nics.
    pfsense setup inside LAN attempting to maintain flat but open to suggestions

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