4 port wireless router off OPT1 - no wireless

  • Using 1.2.2, current config is as follows:

    Internet –> pfSense router --> LAN  192.168.1.xxx (1st NIC card) --> servers
                                          --> OPT1 192.168.0.xxx (2nd NIC card) --> DD-WRT router --> home computers

    As it stands now, the computers connected to the DD-WRT router via cable work fine, and get an IP within the assigned 192.168.0.xxx range. However, there is no wireless signal being sent out from the router (at lease there is no SSID broadcast).

    Any ideas why there is no wireless?

  • Didnt you write about this before?
    As i see it this is entirely a problem of the DD-WRT.
    Nothing the pfSense can do about.

  • I had mentioned this as a second part to a previous question regarding DNS forwarding. After the fact, I realized it was unrelated and would be better suited as its own question in the proper section.

    As for it being an issue with DD-WRT, that is very possible, but I had recently changed my setup from 3 routers (1 main Linksys router splitting into two separate LANs, DD-WRT router and pfSense router) into my current setup. The once I changed the setup so that the DD-WRT router was running off the OPT1 on pfSense, the wireless issue began.

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