[Solved] OpenVPN Peer to Peer (SSL/TLS) Adding more clients makes it not work

  • Hello, on my previous post, Mr. Derelict helped me solved the link between my server and client A.

    link to first post

    I tried adding client B. But suddenly the connection does not work, I tried changing the tunnel network from /30 to /29 or /24. Still doesn't work. But on client A and client B the link is shown "up". On what I have learned this means that the certificate on both client A and B is good, I just need to change some settings on the server.

    Do I need to add additional configs to make them all see each other?


    1st update: Update:
    From the Server I can ping
    Client A(pfSense) and computers in Client A Lan = YES
    Client B(pfSense) and computers in Client B Lan = YES

    From Client A:
    Client A to Server = No
    Client A to Client B = No

    From Client B:
    Client B to Server = No
    Client B to Client A = No

    that seems weird, if only one client is connected and is set to tunnel setting /30, Server and client A can reach each other..

    2nd update: I can now ping all the servers through the tunnel

  • Now solved thank you!

  • I hope you get as much help , as you give

  • @bingo600 I just added an additional interface for openvpn client. If you want to ask feel free to ask, not starting like that. And the reason I couldn't post anymore because this is a new account, the forum limits my time to post, I was fixing this earlier and I want to post a lot of times.

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