RRD graph suggestion: blocked pps

  • I wanted to make a suggestion for the "packets" graphing section.  I have a Soekris 5501 that's been on firewall duty for a long time.  It's been running OpenBSD till very recently.  I used to do a number of things with it, and I find that the only thing I really miss having is a "blocked packets per second" RRD graph.  I've found having a graph of blocked packets per second very useful, especially for detecting portscans.  I know snort can sort of do the same thing, but it's way too prone to false positives for my taste.  in my opinion, seeing a massive spike in blokced pps over a very short period in time is a dead giveaway, and I miss being able to scan over my graphs and see it.  Would it be difficult to implement such a thing?  perhaps a dropdown in the "packets" section of the RRD graphs for "blocked" in and out.

  • pfSense simply provides a "GUI" to the RRDtool.
    If you want new functionality you better look here: http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/

  • In 2.0 there is not sure it was backported.

  • It is only in 2.0 since it requires rather intrusive reworking of the RRD file format and layout as well as changes in the backend and front end.

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