Need advice on my firewall rule setup

  • Hey everyone, just jumped on board PFsense and I have to say, best decision yet.. What a difference from consumer.. man was I blinded..

    Anyways, I have a basic firewall setup in the lab and I can use your advice to make sure from a starting standpoint, I am secure.

    Has two pre-defined rules only, block private & bogon. I am assuming that no more is needed here as EVERYTHING should be blocked inbound.

    I have a few Vlans, but here is an example of my guest vlan.. Too much too little?


    Here is one of the lab vlan (non-mgmt accessible, only can get to NAS & IOT)


    And the main network vlan (I can get to the mgmt ports now so I can take pictures, but the first rule will be changed to blocked)


    They seem to work, but I feel I am overthinking this.. Maybe a way to make them more efficient?
    I plan to run Suricata and a few other packages.. but the rules I want to make sure are solid..

    Thanks for your feedback..

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