User rights - Edit NAT - No interfaces in list to choose from

  • Hello!
    I have a probably very simple problem. I need my users to self-administrate their Netgate SG3100 to a certain extend, which includes creating a NAT on the WAN interface. The user inherits his rights from a group, which grants the access to NAT: Port Forward. In detail:

    • WebCfg - Firewall: NAT: Port Forward
    • WebCfg - Firewall: NAT: Port Forward: Edit

    In addition, the following privileges are also assigned:

    • WebCfg - Dashboard (all)
    • WebCfg - Diagnostics: ARP Table
    • WebCfg - Diagnostics: DNS Lookup
    • WebCfg - Diagnostics: Ping
    • WebCfg - Diagnostics: Reboot System
    • WebCfg - Diagnostics: System Activity
    • WebCfg - Diagnostics: Test Port
    • WebCfg - Services: DHCP Server
    • WebCfg - Services: DHCP Server: Edit static mapping
    • WebCfg - Services: DNS Forwarder
    • WebCfg - Services: DNS Forwarder: Edit Domain Override
    • WebCfg - Services: DNS Forwarder: Edit host
    • WebCfg - Status: DHCP leases
    • WebCfg - System: User Password Manager

    Everything works fine except the Port Forwarding, as the user can't choose an interface because the list is empty. I also tried to fix this issue by assigning first only the 'Interfaces: WAN' privilege, later all privileges of the interfaces category. Sadly, I had no success with that.

    The hardware is a Netgate SG3100 with pfSense v.2.4.4-RELEASE-p3 (arm).
    Thank you in advance!


  • To be able to list all interfaces, the user should have access to Firewall > Rules page.
    I had to look it up in the master manual : the scripts.

    Add :


    and the interfaces show up on the NAT :: Add or Edit page(s).

    This means the user has access to the firewall rules, maybe something you do not really want ...

  • Thank you!
    You're right, firewall access is not ideal in this case. But it's necessary for us to let people manage their port forwarding rules, so this is a preliminary solution we can live with. I hope they change this behaviour in a future release.