• I have PFS 1.2.2 loaded on a Tyan Tiger MPX /w dual Athlon MP 1800+ chips, 512 DDR 266 ECC

    I have a Cisco AIR-PI21AG-A-K9 (Atheros AR5115). Using a laptop not even 10 feet away, I do get 5 bars when disconnected, but when I connect, it shows one bar, very low signal, and when I disconnect, all 5 bars again. Our area has been kind of wierd. If I set it to a channel (which one I forget offhand), it dosen't even know the AP. But Channel 4 and 5 seems to work. Not sure whats causing this. If anyone can give me some idea that would be cool


  • thanks for the replies :P

    The card was just bad, I put an Ath Super G card in there and it works fine but there is still a strange persistant problem, the signal strength is always different from when windows first detects it, and after it connects

    like on this laptop at the front of the store (this is after I got some reverse-sma adapters and routed a RG6 coax ontop of the ceiling tiles and dropped the antenna down in the middle of the store), I get 3 bars when I scan for the access point, but when I connect it shows 5 bars. Same with a this win box that I have a USB wifi adapter attached. these change sometime back and forth, anyone have any idea?


  • Glad you got it sorted out. But take my advice - hold unto that other wireless card. Dont count him out just yet ;)

    Its far more normal that the card would behave THAT way. Its understandable that it wouldnt use as much power to scan for a network, than to actively transceive. Many cards, and radio devices behave that way.

    What WAS strange, is when it did the exact OPPOSITE! :|
    in that case - I dunno. Noise I suppose. (Picked up raw Radio frequency from where ever, ALONG WITH wifi.)